Fostering Journey- CPI Class & Personal Feelings

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I hate to feel like every time I post I start off with an excuse of why it’s been weeks since my last post. So this time I’m not, I’m not going to make up any excuses I’ll just know my downfalls and continue to improve.

With that being said, this post is reflecting on our journey thus far with fostering.

So far my husband and I have attended our CPI (crisis prevention i??) class and that’s it. I sometimes expect more to be happening but in march we have our three pride classes so we’re excited about that.

The CPI class was very informative. I actually recommend people going to take a class. It also felt really good to hear some of things I already do being told :).

Sitting in the class, I couldn’t help to think about what lies ahead opening this door. With all this training, we still do not have a clue what God has planned for us going on this direction. How He is going to use us, help others, etc. Is this going to be a long term journey or short term? How will we it be the moment we receive a call for our first placement? How will it feel the first day, the first night? How old will they be? Will we get an infant like we hope to? (We’re open from newborn-3yrs old) What stories will these children have? Will we be able to help them?

As you can see, so many questions flow in my head. Some I can dismiss with logic, others won’t be filled until the time comes.

I ask God to remind me why we decided to do this. Hearing some of the stories of these children and watching these videos, you can’t help but want to help these children. Love them. Show them what life as children should really be like. Let them know their not accidents, that God created them for a purpose even through hardship. Give them hope. Let them know it’s ok to make mistakes. Hug them.

Thank you Lord for reminding me what this journey is really about.