5 Non-Messy, Independent Toys to Occupy Your Toddlers While You Work

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Toddler independent activities
Hey guys, today I wanted to share some of my favorite go to toys to keep my toddlers occupied. I hate to resort to tv or movies to keep my boys attention when I’m trying to take care my daily to do’s and I’ve been doing it a lot lately. I’ve felt so bad and I can always tell when they’ve watched a lot of tv because believe it or not but tv alters their personalities (which is a whole another post). As I asked God to help me and give me some ideas that are not so messy, easy to pull out, and are mainly independent, I started to be more aware of their interest, things I overlooked.

  • The first category is blocks. My boys can play with blocks forever. They like legos, building blocks, wooden blocks, even connectors. I love having them play with these because they start counting them, sorting them, and the more they play with them the more details they notice. Here are some suggestions… 

  • The second category is Playdough. Of course, right. Once again, they can play with playdough for what seems like hours. They also enjoy that soft sand stuff (I think it’s called magic sand). Give them some shapes, scissors, cutters, the playdough add-ons, etc. and they start to make all kinds of things. I love activities that I get to finish my activities and I can join them in finishing it up/wrapping it up. Playing with playdough and such is great motor skills and helps to strengthen their little hands and arms. My next project is to try my hand at making our own playdough. Here are some of the things my boys enjoy… 

Learning to love your siblings God's way

  • Next, is writing pads. Not just coloring books (unless your kids are big time colorers, my boys aren’t) but you can get notebooks. I was disappointed when I found they weren’t that interested in coloring but I was absolutely SHOCKED by how excited my boys were when I got them just regular composition notebooks! They literally drew on EVERY. SINGLE. PAGE! They also enjoy the pixel writers, the art writer pads, and magnetic writing boards. They’re even great for on the go…. 

  • Then, we have puzzles. My 4 yr old LOVES doing puzzles! He got a couple of 6 pack puzzle sets for Christmas and he will sit and put all six of them together. His latest puzzle he attempted {with my help} was a 100 piece, spiderman puzzle. He did pretty well for what it was and we did finish it. I love that he invites me to do a puzzle with him, it’s like “our thang”. My 3 yr old just started getting into them and of course his big brother helps him through them, which promotes team playing…yes please! Puzzles are great for helping the tots learn logical thinking. 

  • The last activity I’m going to mention is cutting! Yes… just simple cutting. Of course, you can have them cut just paper but to make it a bit more fun and /or interesting you can draw lines for them to cut. You can go online and download some free cutting activities. You can also have them cut ribbons or yarn for more fun. AND just for added giggles… give them a glue stick and let them stick the pieces on colored paper or a paper plate and call it a mosaic picture. 

So there you have some very simple guiltfree ideas to keep your little ones occupied {and away from tv} while you take care of some mom duties.

Let me know what guilt-free independent toddler activities you use to keep your little ones busy and happy and sometimes hopefully quiet.

Be Blessed… India

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