5 Things That Changed Since I Became “Momma”

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5 Things That Changed Became MommaBeing a mom for the past couple of months have been a joy, but I would be lying if I didn’t say that some of the changes that have come about has come by minor surprise. Here are 5 things that has changed for me since becoming “momma”. They are in no particular order but rather just how they pop in my head.

And here we go…

  1. Eating without sharing: I have found that no matter how I slice it, apparently children are never full when YOUR eating. Have you ever had a taste for something that you haven’t had in a while and you just want to eat it with no interruptions. Nope! not going to happen. I have tried eating it at the table with us all eating, nope “mommy I taste pease”, I have tried feeding them completely until their “all finish”(meaning full) nope, don’t work either, he miraculously have room in his tummy for half of my meal still, “ummm, momma can I taste pease”. But I must admit, last week I had a leftover omelet that I literally snuck under my shirt to my bedroom to finish after their lunch, my husband laughed but it was soooo good {and worth itSmile with tongue out}. Now don’t get me wrong I love to share but some meals are just better when your only feeding one mouth. MINE! lol
  2. Have a complete thought: Well not only will having a complete thought be a challenge with the sound of repetitive questions in the background but forgot having a complete thought THAN changing your mind!!! What follows after that, well I’m sure you know. ahhhhuuuuhhhhh…
  3. Errands have never been the same: There’s no such thing as “quick” errand. The idea of running an errand these days just makes me tired thinking about it. Most of the time it takes longer getting the boys together than actually running the errands. And of course the famous “mommy, I poopey”, “wait, just now, we’re literally walking out the door”. I remember when I use to be one of those multiple stop shop people, you know. I would go to target, for my hookup {*clears throat* coffee fix} and while I’m there of course to the beauty section for a quick look over. Then stop at Ulta, Michael’s, and why not Best Buy it’s right there cause I did want to check the price of the *fill in the blank*. Yup I use to like driving around in freedom, just because… ahhhh…the days
  4. I get so much attention: Well not me, but the boys. I mean I never realized how much attention parents got. Which is really weird for me because I am not a very outward person and often need preparation in order to carry out a conversation so I’m often caught off guard when people quickly come up to our cart in midwalk. It still comes off as weird to me. Sorry. I mean who would have thought that a stranger would just walk up to your child to say “hi”. It comes off as both creepy and scary to me. Parents really need a warning before you walk up on their children, I mean we are trying to teach them about strangers. Right?
  5. Night time is our time: Ha! The struggle is so real at night. While we are totally excited about “our” time, it’s funny how we get the butt of the day. The 5 page to do list seems to never get accomplished and in the struggle to accomplish it, I find myself up late but barely able to think straight to get things done… Sad smile. The other night, I accidently fell asleep {at 7:45pm} putting the baby to sleep and after I laid him in his bed, I was determined to get up to have “my time”, I finally stayed awake at 9:32pm. But couldn’t think straight enough to get what I wanted done so I ate ice cream and apple pie {yes, our secret treat this week, and it taste soooo good} and went to sleep around 11:50.

So yup, things have changed but we love it! No, really I do. I never understood before when I heard parents talk about the grim of it and still “love it” but I do now. I mention these things but we honestly wouldn’t change it. The tiredness seems more rewarding and while some things are very uncomfortable {i.e. the random strangers} we enjoy our boys and pray that we can continue to experience life with them.

Also, I have much more respect for single parents because I have loved having my husband home, I mean since he is a morning person he has been getting up early with the boys, making breakfast, running errands or letting me run errands so I can get out, running errands together so we both can get out the house and have a “runner”. And when I experienced my first ever sinus infection {horrible should I add}, he took care of me and the boys for days while I rested with my head burrowed into the pillow. I’m so thankful to have husband and father that is so involved and love stepping up.

So what are some things that changed for you when you had children? I’ll also be making another post of how parenthood has changed me {for the good}.