8 Habits to Break to Build a Stronger Family Unit

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I came up with these habits to break by reflecting on my own family and prayfully searching for ways to make our family better. When building our families or life in general, I don’t think we ever “arrive”. You may not see how these things stagnant your family but as a whole, they can be very damaging to the life of our family unit.

  1. Skipping Church- I look at church like weekly therapy sessions for the family, without having to pay additional fees… lol. We should always be seeking to know what God has for us to grow individually and to serve our family. Skipping Church and the fellowship leads to idle thinking and opportunities for the enemy to fill that spot.
  2. Disorganization- God is a God of order. When He created the earth, he did it in a certain order. I’ll be the first to admit that organization is hard sometimes and an area I struggle with but it is a task that cannot go neglected. Disorganization causes chaos, frustration, and confusion. So get organized!
  3. Division- Of course we all have our own interests and hobbies but be careful to not allow it draw a wedge in between the family. If in a week you and your spouse or children have watched tv or entertained yourselves in different locations more than 2-3x than there need to be a priority check and increase on FAMILY activities.
  4. Fast food- I think this kinda speaks for itself. It’s unhealthy and lacks the fun, thriving, family experience that comes from eating together around the table. We love eating together at the table, lots of jokes and laughter. Healthy examples start at home in the kitchen.
  5. Wasteful Spending- There’s a difference between needs and wants, know the difference. It’s not necessary to always get the latest and greatest. Find ways to invest, make sure you have emergency savings, and everything prepared to help others. Just because you have it don’t mean you have to spend it. 
  6. Electronical Overload- I don’t know about you but I often feel the difference when I have been attached to my tablet, phone, and TV for the weekend. We dont allow the kids to play tablets or anything but there are times when they have watched more tv than normal and we can often tell.
  7. Comparing- Point blank. We always compare our worst with others best. We’re our own worst critics. DDo the best that you can do where you are. Learn how to be content with what God has given you. Water your own grass.
  8. Skipping Rituals/traditions- Without traditions such as seasonal traditions or weekly traditions life seems to become mundane. Think of fun things that your family could do. Something to look forward to. Like “taco tuesdays”, pumpkin picking during harvest time, friday game night, or saturday movie nights. Be creative, make memories.

What are some habits that you found distracting in your family that your working to eliminate?

Many Blessings… India 

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