9 Easy Ways to Relax and Reset for Moms

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Can we all agree that being a mom is the most fulfilling and yet stressful calling that God has blessed us with. Click To TweetI know as a stay at home mom and homeschooler (which means the kids are with me even more) {and wife}, it can be very difficult to almost impossible sometimes to find time to relax but let me remind you… WE NEED IT!

We cannot go on and on and on without taking the proper time to relax, recharge, and pamper ourselves.

Let go of the “mom guilt” and tell the kids “no” sometimes and make room for yourself. We cannot properly care for the ones we love if we don’t care for ourselves properly, which I’m still learning.

So here are 9 simple ways to reset and feel refreshed…

1. Coffee Date with Jesus 

You may be thinking… “uh, not exactly what I would call “relaxing”. But Let me remind you, this list is also about refreshing yourself. This is something you can do in the middle of the day. I often go to this in midday during naptime. To make it more “relaxing”, put your coffee in your favorite mug, stretch out on your couch or with the nice weather on the quiet back deck (with your feet up). You can casually talk with God or simply just get the Bible and read (I normally don’t have a notebook, just maybe a highlighter) for about 30 min.

2. Read your favorite book

Read a “fun” book that you have been wanting to read but have not started yet because you have been reading more “important” ones. There’s nothing more relaxing than curling up on the couch with a soft blanket, coffee {can you tell my addiction :D) or wiiiinnne {thats right…wine. even in the middle of the day}, and a good book that I have been putting off.

Make sure you check out amazon free book specials because they be having some good ones too. 

3. Watch a movie

Some nights after I put the boys down, I’m so exhausted trying to tidy up, update my planner, doing homeschool stuff, blog stuff, and other stuff that sometimes I have to just say “forget it” I’m going to “Netflix and chill”. And that’s what you need to do… after watching children shows, toddler talking, building blocks and puzzles, writing, playgrounds etc. Your mind will thank you for a small amount of “adulting” time and you will definitely feel human once again.

4. Go for a walk

With the weather getting nicer and the days longer. What’s more refreshing than a brisk walk in the great outdoors to experience some fresh air and bright, sunny skies.

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5. Call a friend

I am a bit of an introvert {ok, a big introvert}. So I very seldom like talking on the phone but every now and then, even I, need to just take a moment and shoot the breeze with my sister or someone. It ends up being the perfect amount of refreshment I needed.

6. Grab a Meal

I love taking off on Sunday afternoons sometimes to just have lunch with myself. It seriously makes so excited about the anticipation of getting to Panera Bread or some other coffee shop with my notebook and tablet. Sip and some coffee and chill!

7. Pamper yourself

I haven’t done this in a while, but the weather is nice… go get your feet done. Pick up a Starbucks (also nice treat) and sit in that chair (tell them to take their time) and enjoy!

8. Pull out your coloring book

It’s true… coloring is still fun as an adult and it is relaxing. It’s something about coloring as an adult that gets you all giggly on the inside. So if you don’t have an adult coloring book, you’re missing out. Get your book and find some great coloring pencils or markers and try it out. 

9. Clear your schedule

Sometimes all you need to do is shave some of your activities down and free up some time. Sometimes just looking at a thinner schedule automatically makes me feel more relaxed and gives me a moment to reset.

So there you have it. Some tips that every mom can try NOW! Don’t require a lot of money or time… just willingness to invest in yourself.

What are some easy ways you try to relax and reset during the day, week, or month?

Be Blessed… India 🙂

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