{Book Review} A Deep Dark Secret By Kimberla Lawson Roby

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dark deep secret

Hey guys, I’m back with another book review. This book is   by Kimberla Lawson Roby. I wouldn’t call her my favorite  author or anything (yet at least) but I do like her writing so far. I actually came across this book when I was at Books-A-Million and it was on one of the clearance racks for $5 and it seemed interesting.

Moving right along to the review…

Here’s the synopsis from goodreads.com

The New York Times bestselling author returns with the moving story of a family who learns to overcome betrayal and secrets with courage and love
On the outside, twelve-year-old Jillian Maxwell is the perfect child. She’s helpful with chores around the house, gets straight As in school, has plans for college, and stays out of trouble. She seems to have everything a girl could want: a big, beautiful new home, an adoring little sister, a mother who cares about her, and an attentive stepfather.
But inside, Jillian harbors a terrible secret.
Too frightened to tell, convinced that her friends and loved ones, especially her mother, won’t understand—and worse, will blame her—Jillian endures her pain in silence, believing that things will get better. However, as time passes and her dilemma intensifies, the bright, hardworking girl becomes sullen and disinterested in her studies. Then, just when it seems she’s on the verge of losing everything, Jillian discovers she has more strength than she ever imagined…and the power to change her fate.
With sensitivity and grace, Kimberla Lawson Roby addresses a very real and serious issue, while delivering the inspiring tale of one family’s mission to shed light into the darkest corner of their lives.

This is a fictional story about a very real subject… sexual abuse. It definitely will pull at your heart strings. There were so many times I wished I could yell through the book to help her. It’s even more saddening to know that this has and is happening to children everyday.

Kimberla Lawson did a great job with delivering this story in a real but sensitive way. She allowed us to “hear” the girl talk through her own voice and personality. We were able to experience what the little girl was experiencing through the mind of a 5yr to 11yr olds voice and why she waited so long and the battle that she experienced all by herself.

I do recommend this book because it opens our minds to a very real problem in todays world. And unfortunately most of the time when children are molested, its by someone they know (father, uncle, or other family member/friend). Some things were hard to read but it did have a great ending.

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