Book Review: “You Are The Problem, You Are The Solution”

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I received this book from Doreen Publisher, which published “You Are The Problem, You Are The Solution”. When I first seen this book, honestly I wasn’t sure about it. The cover wasn’t very inviting. After reading the summary it was very interesting but I still wasn’t sure but I decided to go ahead and give it a try. Well, let me just say I’m glad I did. This was a great book and very easy to read.

About the Author: Andy Holligan

He don’t tell you much about himself other than he is an Independent Business Owner in Scotland, Britain. He has been in MLM since 1995 and his interest include playing chess, reading, dining out, outdoor activities, and studying military history. This is all he says about himself, very short and to the point.

About the Book: YATP, YATS

You are the problem, You are the solution is a self-help book basically saying “you are responsible for where you are in life today, regardless if you like it where you are in life or not & your the only one who can change it”. He has broken down the book into 9 “friendly”(easy to read) chapters. Chapters 1 & 2 basically covered how the mind works and process information and learning how to recondition yourself. As I went into chapter 3 about the emotions, it kind of threw me off. Some of the subtitles seemed off the subject to me, they didn’t seem to have any relation to the rest of the text. But when I went back to reread I understood why he covered the topics he did.

Then the rest of the chapters, he starts to go into the “action steps”.

The reason Andy wrote the book is to help people change the way we think. While a lot of the information, I have heard before, it didn’t hurt to hear it again because often times information is forgotten and misunderstood and as you grow in life things that you heard before have a whole different meaning once your older and a lot of things I understood now than when I first heard it and things that I knew were just reminders. It’s like going to church and hearing the pastor say something that you heard a thousands but when you hear at that moment in your life, it’s so much more appreciated and understood.

This book gave a refreshing outlook on the subconscious mind with visual diagrams to back up the information.This book is definitely a favorites has made a GREAT deal of differences in my life. Since Ive had it I’ve have made multiple changes in my thought process and HOW I feed my mind.

Oh… and not to mention my mother and sister absolutely love this book and are looking to get it very soon. I even had my husband reading it and he enjoyed it, which says a lot because his books has to pull him from the beginning to get him to read it.

Overall: Great Book. Definitely a book for the home library.

Recommend: Yes. Anyone who wants to grow and learn to direct their lives and the power of attraction.

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