Clomid- Part 2…ACTION!!!

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Ok…so last month was a dud. I can’t believe it, I mean I had like every symptom that I could have except nausea and I thought I was not being obsessive watching every single feeling or discomfort.
I took clomid 100mg cd3-7. I took my last pill Saturday on 25th. This time though I don’t feel any symptoms well side effects from the clomid like last month I had migraines. It kinda make me feel like I’ve been taking sugar pills that don’t do anything so I’m really hoping to ovulate this month.I’ve been keeping myself busy to not dwell on this this month because I like went crazy last month…lol. My doctor do not have me monitored at all which I wish he at least did the mid check or whatever. But hopefully this month we get BFP and not have to worry about it. I also decided to take Fertile CM that I ordered from amazon (super excited..great reviews). My doctor told me that I have hostile mucus basically saying my area is attacking and killing the little sperms before they even have a chance.. 🙁 He told me to drink a lot of water. Well when I looked it up I came across this Fertile CM. Fertile CM is suppose to help to make the area sperm friendly and less hostile. It’s also suppose to help produce more fertile mucus for the sperm to get through.So I’m taking Fertile CMDouble X, and baby aspirin. I also brought ovulation tests and ONLY 3 pregnancy so whatever happens after the 3 I’m going to get a blood test.

I am going to start ovulation testing tomorrow and hopefully get a surge very soon. Then on to the two week wait… Yay!

The main thing I try to remember and have to remember is that God is always in charge regardless and when I remember this then it helps me to calm down even though me and my hubby are just soooo excited for when the time comes…

God Bless and lots of babydust….