Digging a Little Deeper…

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I find that I am a very personal individual for whatever reason I just know I’ve been like this for years since I can remember and I’m 26 right now. Well it didn’t use to be a problem until recently since I’ve gotten married. My husband has a big problem with me being soooo private so we clash just about every time about it but I try to get him to understand where I come from and I understand where he’s coming from and we meet half way…but that’s easier said than done. Which I don’t get because it just sounds so simple to me..lol but of course he has to be difficult..lol..joking. Really we do see totally different points when it comes to this, he is totally a “my business is your business type of guy and I have nothing to hide”. Me on the other hand is like “my business is my business and when/if I know you well enough I MIGHT tell you”. So you see how it could cause a problem. The only simple reason I have is that I always felt you cant control what WAS said or who you told something, once its out its out and if you didn’t tell the right person or say the right thing than it can cause a mess. Another one of my reasons is because a lot of times when you tell people something they can be so negative or opinionated and is totally not helpful even if they mean well. A lot of times I like to work on things than once its where I want it or I make a decision about it than I let people in but my husband acts like he don’t understand that at all. He’ll tell somebody something like his mother then she’ll be asking us about it til the end and it is soooo annoying to me. So I’m going to open up on here a little more to ease in to the process..lol..for my husband. I told him we’re opposites which is a good thing he helps me look at things from another perspective and vice versa cause I do know I can be uptight about some things..so I have decided to work on it. But really do anyone see where I’m coming from???? 🙂

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