Do You Think Before You Speak? {Fostering Journey}

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When you tell people that your going to be fostering to adopt, you get mixed reactions {of course}, some people are like “that’s great” and go on with a person they know who did or are or have adopted.

Then you have those people that get thrown off by the news and gives a puzzled look, then “that’s good”.

Then you have people {or that one idiotic person} that say “be careful” {I still don’t get this response}, what does that even mean “be careful”?? From what? From who? AND on top of that, they didn’t even have a personal experience, they “seen how it is on tv” {smh}.

What made me right this post is because of my latest comment, “fostering don’t take the place of having your own children”. Now when I intially heard this comment I took it offensively. But I’m not sure if I should have. In hindsight, it probably could have been positive I guess {still not sure}. But when she first said it, she threw me off so I just looked for a moment then just said “I know, we still plan on having children”. So of course that ended the conversation and I just had to move on. I was so mad, hurt, angry, and fustrated. That one comment was so hurtful to me.

I mean my mind thought of so many things I wanted to go back and say {not so good things}. That one comment had me in a constant non ceasing prayer/talk with God.

We’re not fostering to replace what we don’t have. We’re fostering because children need help and we’re willing to open our house and hearts to look beyond our own issues.

We’ve always planned on adopting, it wasn’t all of a sudden.

Why can’t people just say, “great”, “that’s awesome”, “good for you guys, I’ll be praying for/with you” or nothing at all!!! We don’t need people’s validation. People just don’t think, I hope that’s not me. I had to pray that I am not THAT person and if so help me to think before I speak.

God knows our heart.

Is that even true? That fostering doesn’t replace having your own children.
I mean what if God decided that it wasn’t in His plan for us to have biological children, so that would mean that we would NEVER feel complete. And that’s just not true God wouldn’t leave a void in us that can not be filled.

I can’t imagine having a child in my house and saying “I love her but not like I would if she was my blood” or “yea, he’s great but he’s just not enough”.

That comment just replays in my head like a broken record and it’s been like 2 months since it was made. But I’ll fight it with God’s promises and truth.

This is why, we are to be careful with who we share information with because they will {TRY} to plant negative seeds in your mind. Some things and some people just have to wait to find out.

Did I take the comment wrong? Over react? How would you take it? What you think?