Five Things I’m Looking Forward to In Spring

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5 Things I'm Looking forward to in Spring

1. Gardening– YES YES and more YES! I love to garden! I always wanted a thriving garden but unfortunately in the past wasn’t able to for different reasons but I always wanted one since seeing my mothers garden when we were younger. Last year, I would say was MY most successful year although I did not consider it a success then. But we did get food to eat and more than the year before. BUT this time around I am really excited to get going. We’re in a new place with better resources such as a water spiket {which we lacked at our old place. it was hard carrying those buckets…lol}. I have a plan and ready for a big harvest. This is also the time I’m going to start canning. So “I’ms readys to go and grow!” <ha! ha! I crack myself up.

2. Outdoor Activities– Spring gives me life! I just love being outdoors in the spring. Intermingling with God’s creation. We haven’t been as active as we used to be and this time around we’re looking to change that and get back outdoors. Anything from nature walks, to parks, to bike riding, to just going for a good ole walk. And we have the boys now so we’re excited about taking them out exploring.

3. Firing Up the Grill!– Oh yes! This says it all. My husband loves cooking on the grill and I love eating grilled food so we’re a good match. But for real, I think my husband would and could cook on the grill everyday if I let him. He’s so cute because on days grocery shopping has not been done yet, he’ll look in the fridge for any little thing he can find.

And I’m extra excited this time around because we plan on trying new things to throw on the grill. You know expand our horizons and be creative.  

4. Warmer Weather & brighter, longer days– I mean who do not like warm weather?!?! {I know, there’s plenty of people but their crazy! lol}. Now I absolutely love summer weather but Spring weather is a good start.

Spring announces “WAKE UP EVERYONE! It’s time to be renewed and refreshed. Old things have past away and now we welcome the glorious new.” It’s God reminding us of His power to renew ugly dark things and turn them into something beautiful.

5. Less Layers– One the main things I hate about winter is having to wear layers of clothing. I hate feeling bulky, stiff, and overstuffed. Especially with children, it’s a lot to carry children with layers of clothes and heavy jackets on and can be exhausting in itself. I LOVE the idea of grabbing a jacket or sweater and being on my way.

So these are the things I’m looking forward to this Spring. What about you? What excitement do Spring bring to you?