For Women Only– Introduction

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I love reading self-enhancement books! I remember when I was small my mother made us read [amazon_link id=”1612930298″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]”Think and Grow Rich” By Napoleon Hill[/amazon_link]. Of course when I was young I hated reading or should I say taking the time to read. I remember rather being able to go play outside and the little time she use to make us come and read a chapter was seemed so time consuming but I’m glad she made us do it. Some other books she had us read that I remember were “The [amazon_link id=”0553279726″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Greatest Miracle In The World” By Og Mandino[/amazon_link], [amazon_link id=”3442217784″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]”Rich Dad, Poor Dad” By Robert Kysoki[/amazon_link], along with some other books I can’t remember right now. But the point is even though I may not remember the content that I read in these books at the time, they planted seeds in me and I have a hunger for growing and I always want to grow more and read more so i am very thankful for that.

[amazon_image id=”1612930298″ link=”true” target=”_blank” size=”medium” ]Think and Grow Rich[/amazon_image], [amazon_image id=”3442217784″ link=”true” target=”_blank” size=”medium” ]Rich Dad, Poor Dad[/amazon_image], [amazon_image id=”0553279726″ link=”true” target=”_blank” size=”medium” ]The Greatest Miracle in the World[/amazon_image]

Ok…So on to my current reading…

Sooo…one of the books that I am currently reading is for my marriage and it’s called [amazon_link id=”1590523172″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]”For Women Only” By Shaunti Feldhahn[/amazon_link]. I actually got this book from amazon and her husband also did a book for men called [amazon_link id=”1590525728″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]”For Men Only”[/amazon_link] (of course right…lol…what else would it be called..:) ). So I ordered the couple’s edition for both of us called “For Couples Only”. [amazon_link id=”1601422482″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]For Couples Only: Eyeopening Insights about How the Opposite Sex Thinks[/amazon_link]

Well I started reading my book but like I said I’m reading about 2 other books right now so I had stop reading it for a bit. Now when it first came in I was sooo excited, I ran to my husband with the box explained to him and gave him his book and went on about how we can study these books together and so on…well he was just waiting for me to catch a breath…lol!

But in all seriousness I’m always looking for books to improve our marriage, my spiritual life, health, leadership, etc. If your not growing and moving forward than your moving backwards…there is no such thing as staying in the same place so you have to nurture your mind it’s the most powerful tool we have that most people don’t know.

Well of course I peeked at his book… I loved the way his book was written out. So easy to read and well organized and paragraphed and divided. It was so inviting and fun to read but my book wasn’t as inviting anymore after seeing his. But I guess it has to be in order to get the guys attention because most women will read the book regardless because they want the information, so what ever get him reading…lol. One day he asked me to pass him the book and I thought he was joshin’ me but I gave it to him and he started to read it!! I was soo shocked, I was even more shocked when I seen him reading it everyday that he passed me in my book. So I wiped my book out and started to read it again… So I decided to do book reviews to keep myself encouraged and focused. There’s so many books I want to read that I start another book sometimes before I finish another one.

About the Book…

A quick overview on the book so far…

  • It’s NOT a man bashing book
  • It’s NOT a “how to fix him book”
  • It’s NOT a curiosity book
  • It IS a book to simply give us understanding of HOW men think
  • It IS to help us communicate better with our mate to have a stronger relationship
  • It HELPS to answer that “now why would he do that or say that”
  • It HELPS to answer that “what the heck is he thinking”

I haven’t read much yet but so far I highly recommend the book and I recommended the couples edition. We are having so much fun reading our books and gaining more insight on each other. 

She based the book on a number of different surveys that she done and based on the answers. It wasn’t just like 100 men and 100 questions. It was more extent than that. She covers seven main areas that is involved with a man and how he thinks. All the areas go together to gain understanding about them, you cant just chose one over another.

In this beginning, introductory chapter she explained the difference between men and women and where women need to feel loved, men need to feel respected. She explained how men see love and for them if you show them respect then that is love for them and respect in terms of who they are as men and their position which ties back into the seven areas (which I’ll cover next post).

So far it’s a great book and brings a lot of light to the surface. I will post after every chapter. It will be great if others get the book and I can get some feedback from others opinions. I like to do video reviews because I think they will be easier for this type postings. So that may be coming soon, I have to see.

I have to go but I wanted to put my thoughts out on this book so far and I hope to hear from others.

God Bless… 🙂

Good night!