{Foster Care} 14 Things To Do While Waiting for Your First Placement

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Foster Care

So, at this point I think waiting is the hardest part of the whole process. Probably because everything is actually finish so all your doing is…. waiting :/.

We’ve been only waiting a week and I tell ya, I must be driving my poor husband crazy…lol… but he’s so patient with me. Every minute and every time we talk I ask, “did you get the call yet” {but in my defense he’s called me multiple times a day and says “so, what’s going on? You get any phone calls?”} but it’s actually really funny because we ask each other that but we both know we’re going to be calling each other right away when we get a call.

So I’ve come up with 14 things to do to keep yourself busy while waiting for your first placement {in no particular order}…

  1. Clean- I imagine that with the shift of bringing in new people into the home that there wont be much time or you would like to have that time to bond to the new addition and give them some tlc.
  2. Cook- I have been experimenting with making freezer meals. (To be continued in a separate post)
  3. Go on a little vacation or trip- Depending on the situation, you may not be able to take your foster child out of the states. {We’re actually currently out of town at my mom’s house for the weekend, helping my sister move}.
  4. Write posts ahead of time to schedule- Just might not have as much time to write like you use to, at least not in the beginning.
  5. Finish the books you started- I’m finishing my book “The Noticer” by Andy Andrews book review coming soon.
  6. Start/Finish the projects you’ve wanted to do- I am currently working on my crochet baby blanket.
  7. Organize and declutter the house- Personally I think there is always an area in the house that needs organizing…smh!
  8. Disinfect and wash all baby stuff- this might could have gone under #7 but hey! why not make it separate…
  9. Exercise- I’ve been doing some Just Dance and Zumba on Wii…yep fun times!
  10. Pamper yourself- This might be a good time to give your hair a deep conditioner, paint your toes and fingers, and give yourself a facial!
  11. Create a foster care binder- I’ve spoken to fellow foster care parents that were in my class and they say that the way you receive the papers from your case worker are not very organized, so its a good idea to have my own system.
  12. Catch Up on Series- I just don’t think I will have as much time to watch Netflix. I am a Netflix feen. I am currently watching {trying to catch up on…} “Once Upon A Time” , “Revenge”, and “Scandal” {I’m still not quite into Scandal but I try to give it a chance.
  13. And just relax and enjoy the quiet because I can almost guarantee that no matter what age range your open for {whether newborn to teens} it will never be as quiet in your house as it is now {even if you have children currently in your house}.

So theses are just some of the things that I have been doing and is on my to do list.

What are some things that you have been doing or could think of to do?

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