{Foster Care} Officially Foster Parents!

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The time has finally come. We are officially foster parents…whoop whoop! We have finished all things that we had to do to get our house opened.

It’s actually really funny because I remember earlier this month, I was talking to my husband and it seemed like we had so much to do. And I just wasn’t sure if we were going to be opened this month. But now, I can’t figure out what I was worried about.

I have to say, to actually be at the waiting point is funny and weird all at once. To have no idea how long we will be waiting is… I don’t even know what to call it… I wouldn’t necessarily say annoying or frustrating but… I just don’t know.

It still feels unreal.

In the last week of knowing that we were having our final home study {and that everything would be basically finalized} I was kinda going through small panics.

I noticed i began to be a bit unsure and asking my husband {more often} how he felt. It wasn’t that I no longer wanted to do it but I think it was just the idea that there would be no more excuses. I wanted it bad and it seemed to be taking so long but knowing that it was right around the corner and that it was actually going to be “real” was really making me nervous.

What if this decision was the wrong decision.

What if we get a child and I don’t know what to do.

What if we get our first placement of a 5 year old and their more out of control than we prepared for.

What if I can’t take care of the child like I want (all the extras above love and care) because of my physical pain.

What if… what if we’re just not ready!

I mean I had so many what ifs that I was driving myself crazy.

Once I started talking to my husband about the “what ifs”, he assured me we’d be fine and that he was with me and will help, and that I’ll be great, and not to worry (God has blessed me with a great encourager).

So my mind was put at ease until after the last home study last Thursday(Sept 18th). It’s so exciting to know that you can get the call at any moment, any day, any time. But it’s also nerve-wrecking to know that you have no control over when it will happen. It can be another day, week, a month, or a couple.

I’ll be sure to keep you posted!

India Estes 🙂