From Natural Back to Relaxed

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The reason I decided to go back to relaxed hair is because I missed it. I missed my short hairstyle that I had grown to love. I missed the ease of handling my hair and the convenience. I had experienced my natural hair and loved it! But the time it took to manage was too much for me. All hair takes patience but my natural hair took way more patience and was a lot on my (injured) shoulder. I definitely enjoyed being natural and look forward to going down that road again, but for now I’m going to enjoy my relaxed hair…again.

My mother and sister tried to talk me out of the relaxer but my mind was made-up. I also think the experiences of being natural were totally different for me and my sister because she transitioned into being natural, where I just fell into it. So in my opinion, she was able to learn how to manage her natural hair and was prepared for what she was getting. But the natural journey taught me a lot and was a good experience for me.

It taught me how to be patient(not as patient as I needed to be for natural hair but more patient with my hair than I was), how to be gentle, how to cater to my hair, and how to work with my hair better overall. To be clear I didn’t have messed up hair before going natural and I really didn’t have any problems with hair, and my hair was fairly long before(pass shoulder length). But I also didn’t cater to my hair either often. My mother did my perms as needed and I washed, and majority of the time flat ironed my hair but I didn’t moisturizer my hair often. Oh, and I did go and get deep conditioners. I use to want my hair to get longer but I wasn’t really forced to look into it (because my hair wasn’t suffering). With my natural hair, I HAD to eventually look into how to manage my hair because I had no clue.

So now I’m taking what I learned from being natural and seeing how it works for being relaxed. I was surprised when I got my perm because I really didn’t think I was taking care of my hair well but my hair was/is long. I don’t have those measuring shirts but I can say I think it was like a little pass shoulder blade length. I just took another picture and I think its about bra strap length. We’ll see….right now I don’t have an actually goal for my hair, I just want to see how much it grows in the next couple of months. So follow me on my new journey… 🙂

2012-09-21 02.11.10 

 2012-09-21 02.10.07_2

Who would have thought my hair was this long?!?! NOT I!