We Planted Our Garden

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I’m so excited! Our garden is coming along great! We have been planting so many things it seem and because we moved, we have been trying to play “catch-up”.

This is our first year actually gardening. Last year I started and tried but with our dogs digging everything up after we planted and knocking the little fence down we tried to put around it {he was a big puppy}, then on top of that my total lack of knowledge,  I ended up throwing in the towel. But not this year… nope. I’m determined. I really always wanted a garden and I just can’t bear another year going past without getting started. God is so sweet that even though we downsized our home He knew one our biggest desires was to have chickens and our garden so He gave us a very large backyard {about an acre} and a chicken coop that is already up {just need a little tlc}.

I still have some things I want to garden like kale and mustard greens, a grape vine, blueberries, strawberries, asparagus, okra {for my mom}.

Here are some of the seeds. I actually got these few from Walmart for like $.97 each! And they weren’t in the garden section, they were hanging on a side aisle in the grilling section {just before the gardening section}. They all organic. I normally get my organic seeds from Lowes or Home Depot but you can get seeds anywhere that would normally sell gardening items, just watch the price some places try to charge like $3 for organic seeds but I normally pay between $1.50 and $2.45 with the exception of the seeds from Walmart.

So what are you growing? And how’s it coming along?

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India 🙂