Healthy Snack Ideas for the Little Ones

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Can I just say… the struggle is real!

I always wanted to be healthy myself, which you might can tell from some of my earliest posts but having children in the house brings a whole new level and desire on it.

I really don’t want my boys (including my hubby) eating junk food and every time they do I feel like a failure. I have such a hard time sometimes getting my creative flowing. But I really have been trying to think out side the box.
So this is what I have come up with so far.

healthy snacking
This is for Wobbles (1 yr old).
healthy snacking
This is for Sweetpea (2yr old).

As you can see Wobbles get more of a variety because fortunately he enjoys more foods than Sweetpea {but he asked for seconds and thirds of apples and “nanas” and peanut butter}. I really enjoy being able to mix up Wobbles options so I hope that don’t change to much and I wish Sweetpea was more open to fruits and veggies but he’s our work in progress when it comes to that.

I struggle to be creative with there snacks while keeping it healthy and fulfilling but so far this is one of their favorites.

I will be sharing other snack ideas as I find them and be sure to follow me on my facebook page and instagram to see other things I offer them as a treat. Some of those things include green smoothies, apple chips, and sweet potato fries.