How to Be An Encourager to Your Husband

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How to Encourage Husband

This is not something that comes naturally to me. I have struggled to be an encourager to my husband because I can be so demanding and in charge. I have a way I want things to be done and sometimes I want to be the one to help my husband “learn a lesson” by maybe, slightly saying {clearing throat} “well I told you”. No matter how sweet or nonaggressive I try to say it the fact is IT DOES NOT NEED TO BE SAID! He’s a grown man and the result itself is normally enough. So instead, I’ve learned to go to God in hopes that next time he may take my advice on something that was clearly in my ballpark and/or .

My husband is awesome! He is so thoughtful and kind hearted. He is a very passionate man and will give you the shirt off his back. And I as I go to God and ask Him to see my husband as He do and how I can be a better wife. He brought it to my attention that I don’t give my husband enough credit. And I don’t encourage him enough. So I have been working to be more intentional with my encouragement.

But soon found that it was starting get hard to sound genuine{which I was} repeating the same comments. So I ask God to give me more words and to help me dig deeper. So  here are some short sentences that I try to say, authentically to my snookums!

1. Your such a great husband!

2 You are an awesome father.

3. I love the way you tend to _______.

4. I really appreciate you waking up early to tend the children.

5. Thank you for making breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

6. Good job making the right decision, I know that {area} is a challenge your working to overcome.

7. It’s ok, you did better than last time.

8. That’s a great idea.

9. Awe, your so thoughtful.

10. You handled that like a pro.

11. Thanks for helping me, I needed it.

12. I love seeing God work through you.

13. I love you.

14. I’m proud of you.

15. I miss you and can’t wait til you get home.

16. I can’t wait til you join me. {Sometimes I get in the bed before him and I’ll text him while he’s in the living room}

17. Ummm… your so sexy, hot, handsome or whichever applies to that moment.

18. I need a date night with you. Wanna go out ________ and make it a night? Winking smile

19. Man your really good at ____________.

20. It’s so amazing watching the man God has been transforming you into since we’ve been married.

21. I love my life with you.

I’m going to stop here because I don’t want it to be too long but as I wrote then other things I say continued to come. Some of these can also be texted for fun too. I text him when we’re sitting next to each other, if we’re in the car together, same house different rooms and sometimes at dinner just to spark some things for after we put the children down.

We enjoy flirting with each other through text even though it’s still something we’re getting better at because sometimes it’s just awkward whether it’s verbal or through text. Get uncomfortable, it’s worth it.

And for those women, who may feel your husband don’t deserve it or is not loving towards you or serve you. Just know that I feel your pain…lol. And it is not easy. But also remember that Jesus asks us to love as he do, without conditions. Ask God to help you love like Him and lift your husband up in prayer.

How are some ways you encourage your husband?