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Hi! Welcome to yet another new section on my blog called “Money Matters“, I just love that name because it’s a play on words… money matters because our financial state does play a part in how we’re honoring God; and money “matters” like different subjects and topics of money. It just came to me one day in conversation with my husband and I just love it! 🙂

Anywhoooo… as I said in my goals post, apart of my blog goals is to update it. I will also be changing the theme and layout but right now I’m organizing my topics and categories so that I can get a idea of what kind of layout I would like to have.

So, the reason I decided to add this section is because my desire is to truly live the “rich” life that God has for us in every area of my life and apart of that is our finances. I felt convicted that I was not utilizing God’s gift of money to glorify Him and that we squandered a lot. We want to be able to be a blessing to others but you can’t do that when you trying to survive yourself.

I am passionate about money. Not in a possessive, “I’ll run over whoever I need to to get it” kind of way but I love to save and invest and more recently with working to get out of debt, I have been learning to find ways to save and make money off of things I do on a regular bases. I have gained even more passion for budgeting.

You ever figure something out or find something you love and you just want to tell everyone! Well, that’s how I feel, so I started this section.

What to Expect:

Budgeting Tips

Saving Tips

Money Making Ideas

And whatever else would be relevant to this section.

So stay tuned…

Be Blessed… India 🙂

*DISCLAIMER* I am NOT a financial adviser by no means, not even close and actually we plan on getting a financial planner. This will all be my personal experience and opinions.



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