New Goals for 2017

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I know I’m not the only one who enjoys reading goal posts. I think they are so motivating, encouraging, and uplifting; so today I decided to share my 2017 goals. I don’t have details such as amounts for privacy but just know, these goals are more broken down in reality. Also, I’m actually still breaking them down.

I have my goals broken down by categories but not really in order of importance.

To some, it may seem like a lot of goals but I have a plan of execution that I’m hoping and working to stay with. To others, it may seem like nothing but the point is to just get started (and no comparing).

The great thing about goals, is that there is always a higher level or mark to be achieved. Just START! –India Estes

EDIT: Ok after reading my post, I felt I was very vague in my goal setting with you all and felt that my goal was to help inspire you, as well as to be transparent in this post but I don’t think that all came across. So I decided to elaborate on some of the goals below. 



  • Daily morning bible studies- 30 min- My desire is for God to come first in every part of my life and to walk and lead by the spirit.
  • Read 4 spiritual books and 1 fiction book- “Be transformed by the renewing of your mind” (Romans 12:2). Last year, I didn’t read nearly as much as I wanted to. I NEED to change my thought patterns and the only way to do it is by “renewing my mind” with my bible studies and digesting the right information to replace my “stinking thinking”.
  • Become involved with church



  • Read 3 books, 15 min daily.
  • Go to sleep earlier (no later than 11); wake up early, before family so around 5:45AM!!!- y days MOST of the time goes 10x better when I start my day with Jesus. It helps me not feel like I’m constantly trying to catch up during the day. (I will be doing an “early morning” challenge soon that I think would be great if others can join in. More on that later though.)
  • Go on a family vacation- We have never been on a family vacation, so this year that is our goal. My husband wants to go to Ocean City because that was his family’s vacation spot. So that is what we are planning for. Sometime in July, we’re aiming for the first week of July for Tj’s birthday.
  • Streamline our routines- The holidays always shift our routines and leave me all discombobulated, so we all need to get back on track and even change some things up.
  • Chisel out “me time”- 30 min daily…lol- I feel like I have often neglected me, last year which I’ve come to realize is not healthy physically, mentally, or emotionally. So this I pray to be more intentional about doing things that I enjoy, finding a hobby again like maybe getting back into crocheting. Oh and minus the “mom guilt”.



  • More hands-on, fun activities (homeschool)- I have not officially done a post yet (coming) but I have started to homeschool and would like to change some things up to make it a bit more fun. My 4 year old enjoys it but I think it can get better.
  • Do more family activities- Plan a family outing at least 1 a month besides going out to eat, unless we’re trying some fun place we’ve never been before. Eating out is pretty normal to us even if we don’t do it as often as we use to. So I think it would be cheating if we counted that as a “family activity”.
  • Read 1 parenting book and 1 homeschool book (2 books together)- Reading is fundamental.



  • Date nights at least 2x a month- Unfortunately we haven’t had a “date” night in a while where we intentional planned to be alone and the last time we did, it was kind of awkward/funny because we were trying to not talk about the usual, you know kids, finances, and other nondating stuff. We’re praying that God help us to overcome some of our challenges and help us to become more unified in every area of our lives this year. We feel like we’ve been battling the same issues for years now and it’s time to come into agreement so that we can move forward with what God has for us and what He want to use us for.
  • Be more thoughtful/creative weekly with my husband- Everyone likes surprises and thoughtful gestures, right?!?! So I want to make sure that it’s not only “special” occasions but that I just celebrate him more often. 
  • Read 1-2 marriage books



  • Blog goals are in this category (separate post for specifics)- Besides redesigning my blog, I’m going to be changing the direction a little. I’m praying for God’s direction because when I initially started this little space of mine, it was with a purpose of glorifying God, being transparent, and sharing a little of me. Which was all areas that were underdeveloped. Of course, I’m still a work in progress and will always be (as we all), my desire is that my little space be a place to encourage others, while being fun. 
  • Increase traffic
  • Increase profit
  • Introduce 2-3 new ideas/products.
  • Upload weekly consistently and increase my content and subscriber base- I have 2 YouTube channels. One I had for a while with my interests (subscribe here Smile) and the other I started more recently about a year ago and it’s a family channel. (subscribe here Smile). 
  • Organize and plan weekly activities
  • Read 3 business books



  • Be more active and outdoors
  • Lose 50lbs!!
  • Incorporate nutrition “education” to my boys to (hopefully) give them an increased desire to CHOOSE healthy foods.

So these are my (starting) goals for 2017 and I will be doing check-ins in 3, 6, 9, & 12 months.

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What are your top goals for 2017?

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