Our First Long Term Respite {Foster Care}

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It’s been a challenge to keep you guys updated on what’s been going on with the case because I had a crappy laptop that is/was just horrible! But it has been a very crazy month. We had a respite {which is like another term for babysitting} for about 3 weeks!!! YES! It was crazy! He was a 4 yr old and man the difference between a 2 yr old and a 4 yr old… huh! Let me just tell you. His foster parents went out of town on a vacation.


He was a ball of energy. He was/is such a sweet boy just a product of his environment. He was impulsive and emotionless. But has great potential to be a great boy. Through all his mess, you can still see his “light” that he wasn’t lost YET! That It’s still time for him.

Because of his behavior issues he had to stay in a secure location during the vacation instead of being able to go over his aunt house like his older sister. We were flattered that they believed we could handle him and especially for that long.

It’s hard to hear the things these children have been through. Things that no 4 or 11 yr old should be dealing with or should have dealt with. We also got to experience going to a visit and their mother not showing up. Which was so heartbreaking.

It was hard for us but I imagine how much harder it is for him. Last just say when he got picked up, we were dancing {literally}. It was so quiet in the house we didn’t know what to do..lol. Well we adjusted and life went on. We hear he is doing well which is always good to here.

Now we just got another respite 2 days ago that we will have for 10 days. And right now I’m trying to figure out how to get more energy!


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