Our First Placement and the Story Up to this Point

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It has been 3 months since we received our first placement, and what a ride it has been! We received 2 brothers, a 9 month old and a 2yr old. Now I haven’t been updating our whole fostering process from the first placement that we were suppose to get to the second that we were suppose to get to the third that we did get but God has been working things out in our favor, which I’m very thankful for.

I have mentioned in another blog that we were suppose to get our first placement, which was a sibling group of 4 (ages 1, 2, 3, &5). That was going to be an adoption case and initially we were very excited but as time went on and things started getting more confusing, my husband started thinking that it was going to be too much for us. Then we found out that were a back up family so our house was on hold until there case was up and the court decide whether or not they wanted to keep them with their {happy, safe} current foster care family, who wanted to keep them permanently. While I believed that we could handle it and that it would be a huge adjustment, ultimately if we were not on the same page, it probably was not going to work out, so we decided to back out because the last thing we wanted to deal with is putting the children through a disruption of having to be moved if we can avoid it.

Our second placement that we were suppose to get was a 8 year old girl. On that, my husband was very excited but I was very nervous about bring that age range in our home. Our age range was initially newborn to 2 or 3, so 8 was waaaayyyyy out there…lol! I mean they can talk, walk, run, fight, and so much more, so I was terrified at the thought. But as we talked about it and I started reading about that age range then I started to feel a little better, but I was still having panic attacks and going through a lot of anxiety. It wasn’t until I went into prayer and gave it to God that I came to have peace about it. That placement was also going to be an adoption case so we had to wait for her court date on November 18th before we knew if we were going to get her.

On November 18th, we received a phone call from our case worker around 9am. When I looked at my phone seen it was our case worker, we were so confused. We figured it was no way they was able to have a meeting and come to a decision so quickly. I mean come on this IS the system and we had already come to find out that nothing happened that quickly with them.

But when I answered, she said “we have a placement for you guys”. Now this really threw me off because I was thinking wait, did she already send me an email early this morning I didn’t check yet or message or what. But then she said, “I find out more information about “Little Lady” and I really think this would be a better fit because she got a new case worker and found out that her case is more complicated then what we were told before”. I was speechless, it was so much information at once and to hear that they actually had a REAL placement for us was surreal.

Sorry but to avoid this post being too long go to part 2 here to read about that case and what happened…