Our Word(s) for 2017

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Hello beautiful people, I wanted to come and share our family’s word or words for this year, 2017. 

So my husband and I sat down with our individual lists with our possible word for the year. As we took turns reading and discussing our Word from our top 10 list, we were able to better define and clarify what this year was/is going to be about. 

So at the end, we were left with 2 words that we couldn’t decide between and my hubby said “why don’t we keep both?!” 

And so we did.

So our words are…

FAITH– We choose faith for the obvious reason. We always want to strive to be more faith-filled in our walk and lives.

FAMILY– We choose family because last year was a rough year. And when we reflect back, it wasn’t a lot of adventure. We also know that our family is the most important and HAS to be nurtured no matter what season of life we’re in. This year we want to be more intentional with our family time and making memories. Our boys are the best things that’s happened to us. 

FREEDOM– We choose freedom because we just want to be free! We have accumulated a small amount of debt and we want to be free from that. I am telling you, there’s nothing like not owing anyone! We want to live by the scripture, “Owe nothing to anyone except to love one another” (romans 13:8). We want to be free from the things that have held us back in 2016. 

Then another word that just seem to have gotten added is FUN! As I’ve said, last year was hard. This year we want lots of fun, laughter, and great memories. 

So, ironically our letter of the year seems to be the letter F. I thought that was funny.Ha! Another F!  

What is your word theme of the year?

And if you haven’t already be sure to check out my goals post hopefully for some inspiration.

Many Blessings…..XOXO

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