Please Forgive Me and an Foster Care Update

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So I have been completely MIA, I apologize. It has truly been crazy! It’s amazing how one moment your waiting for the call and the next your living IN that call. I mean “YES!” We did get “the call”. And we do have our first placement. The circumstances in which we got them are serious and we have been dealing with that. I’m not sure if I’ll share because I want to make sure I’m not giving too much information so we’ll see. But we received a 2.5 yr old and his brother 9mths (just turned 10mths). They are precious!

We received them in November and have been busy every since. I will be sharing the experience soon but for now I just wanted to put you guys in the loop. I plan on getting back on track with my blog posts soon. Things are starting to feel a bit more “normal” because I have to say we have been living in a state of happy shock for a while but are coming out of it…lol.

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This has truly been a blessing for us and the children and a very beautiful Christmas gift. So stay tune, I’ll be back with more updates.

God Bless and have a very {Blessed} Merry Christmas!4