The Nightmare of Breakage

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My hair has been breaking off a lot lately and after days and days of frustration, I’ve decided to go back into my protective styling with wigs.

It seems like this time around, my hair is giving me a run for my money. I mean I just do not remember this many issues with my first natural hair journey. When I reflect back at that process I do remember lots of wigs in the beginning and at that time I didnt know about “protective stying” I just wasnt ready to wear my very short natural hair. I need time to adjust since it was an unplanned event (another story).

But the hair breakage concerns me a little because right now I cant really figure out whats the problem so im praying for wisdom and understanding in this area because I really think its lack of moisture which surprises me because I would think I need protein; but I did a protein treatment and it seemed like had more breakage while rinsing which freaked me out. After I went back to relaxed hair at the end of last year, I over processed my hair with protein and caused a lot of damage so this time im more cautious.

My goal is to keep my hair in twists for at least 2 weeks at a time, making sure im moisturizing and sealing (with coconut oil mix) every night or every other night. Im going to try to cowash with my twists to see how they look afterwards and depending on results I want to cowash once a week with the twists in.

So this is my hair now…

I have to say I am impressed with my length right now. I didnt think it was that long.

Im going to do a seperate post on my products im using.