Trusting God with Our First Placement- Part 2

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So here’s part 2, if you haven’t read part 1 yet then go here.

When our case worker said “we have another placement for you”, I was so confused and my husband was sitting next to me, just staring at me. She said “we have a sibling group for you guys and we really believe this would be a better fit for you based on what we found out about “Little Lady”, this is an emergency situation so they need someone like now. The 2 yr old have some pretty serious injuries and is currently at the hospital, and has been there a couple of days.”

“ah what… huh! Wait a minute” were my thoughts.

Then she said, “Little Lady got a new case worker and the new case worker knew more details about her. She have more issues than you guys might be able to handle for your first case. She’s also a runner, which means you guys would have to take extra precautions.”


“The sibling group is age 9mth and 2yrs old., 2 boys” {separate post coming soon on this}. “if you guys decided to take them you would actually get them today.” {yes!!! THE SAME DAY}. “Actually, the case worker for these children actually asked for you guys” she said. (the siblings had the same case worker as the 8 yr old and the first placement 4 sibling group so she already had our file)

“Ok, let me talk to Tj about everything.” I get off the phone with our social worker, explain the situation to my husband and his first response was “NO!”. I was shocked. He felt that the people weren’t being honest and he didn’t like that now that another case came about, it seemed like they were putting the 8yr old down so that they can get us to take this case, which I understood. So I called our social worker and told her how my husband felt and that right now the answer is no but that I’ll call her right back, so we can discuss it a little more.

Hearing everything, I felt my anxiety levels rising and I immediately went into prayer. I needed to calm down internally, be in control, and help my husband as well. I was so confused about what to be believe and the idea of bringing perfect strangers in your home can be a scary thought.

We know had 2 options, to wait for “Little Lady’s” mdt later that morning and see if they choose us or to choose these little ones.

After sitting and listening to my husband vent about the situation, in silence, I continued to pray for God to give me the words to speak to him, and I said, “babe, we have to remember why we got into this, not for ourselves but to help children. We’ve prayed over this situation and God knows what He’s doing. The timing may not be right with how or when we found out about the extra details about the little girl but wouldn’t you rather find out before rather than after we get her. The last thing we want is to have to disrupt a placement. All we can do is evaluate the situation and make the best decision we believe is right and let God take care of the results. And looking at this situation, these brothers NEED someone right now and I think we should do it.”

His response, “you really think so?”, “yes I do”. “Ok”

“Hello, yes we’ll take the case!” I said numbly, still in shock. 

“Great! ok, you’ll be getting a call shortly from either me or {case worker2}, he will be the children’s case worker you’ll be working with.”

About an hour or 2 later, I think. It felt like an eternity, we received a call from our new case working asking what time did we want to meet him to pick up the 9mth old and that we can meet him at the hospital to pick him up because he had to be checked because of the extent of injuries to the 2yr old.

We get to the emergency room… {and the next part of the journey begins, stay tuned for part 3}…

Disclaimer: I tell our story about our first placement because what {sometimes} seems like chaos to us is just God’s plan coming together. We had 2 cases right from the beginning that caused our house to be on “pause” for a long (a month and a half) time. The main thing I didn’t want to forget is that “God is in control”.