Waiting On God…

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I can’t believe it’s June. I was fixing up and cleaning up my office when I came across one of my notebooks that I wrote in February about me thinking that was the month because of, of course, everything I was feeling. Well, obviously that turned out to not be the month and the month still hasn’t come yet.
Its amazing how time flies. I remember when I first start seeing by new doctor and she wanted to do some test and was getting things rolling and she told me, I should be seeing the fertility doctor in March and that was November. I remember thinking “MARCH!!! I’m looking to be pregnant by then”. I remember looking at the calendar estimating how far I would be in July (my hubbys bday) and thanksgiving, and Christmas. I remember being so excited of the possibility of having a “Christmas baby”. I just was sooo sure I would atleast be pregnant by now.

Here I am, one of my cousins had her baby (Friday). My sister is due this Saturday, and my other cousin is due next month. Oh not to mention, I just found out my neice is 3 months. And I have been waiting since before they were pregnant. I haven’t even seen my doctor or heard anything. I have been being patient letting the process flow but nothing. No update or anything. So I called twice now to find out whats going on. The nurse said she’ll talk to the doctor and get back to me(that was last week). I’m calling again tomorrow.

People ask “what are you guys waiting for?” And my response USED to be “I don’t know, it just haven’t happened yet.” But I notice lately that my response has been “waiting on God, in His time.” I am amazed when I look back and see how I’m handling based on how I was (or wasn’t) handling. Even my husband says he notice me not stressing about it or obsessing about it.