Weight-loss Challenge….

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I have been so much more into my weight and healthIER habits thats its just getting crazy…lol! I have always tried to maintain a passive healthy lifestyle. The reason I say passive is because I never really made a huge attempt to choose healthier options when given the chance like if my husband goes to the store and buy groceries with a bunch of junk. Ill eat it with him but maybe not as much.

Well my weight has been really bothering me because me and my husband are TTC and nothings happened and we been trying for about 2 1/2 yrs. So of course I’m going to look up every factor that could be causing it because now its just getting really long and I know I want to have children very soon. So weight was a big factor when it came to some causes. I was already fed up with my weight anyway and my motto is “If you don’t like it..fix it and if you can’t fix it..learn to like it.” So I had to stop being depressed and insecure about my body and do something about it. Even little things, it’s better to start with small goals so when you accomplish them it encourages you to move to larger goals and i learned if you miss the goal or is not as disciplined as you wanted or think you should be again its ok… just reset the goal and go at it again. The key is to NEVER quit. So not only will this help me conceive but I want to bounce back quickly afterwards and don’t want to be sloppy looking while I’m pregnant. I weighed myself recently and I weighed 160lbs which is totally not good at all but the high I weighed was 165 which is when i decided to make things happen and be able to wear what I want again. Before this I was NEVER this heavy, I was 125 for the longest since high school and while I was in the military in 2006 so I don’t even know when this happened. Its like you go to sleep one day and wake up the next and can’t fit into the jeans you had on the day before.. WTH???

So now I feel like I’m racing against the clock because I feel I’m going to get pregnant any month soon now (which I would be soooo happy regardless my babies would be definitely be worth the extra hard after birth workouts…lol). So I have been working out and watching my eating habits for a while ok about 3 weeks strong but this last week I have just had the munchies like no other and have not been working out as much which is definitely not good. So I am recommitting tonight about starting my workout in the am but I thought “maybe I’ll be more accountable if I be more involved with others with like minds. So I’m going to be posting my weight-loss journey on my blog and I would like to hear from others on their journey. Also I did start earlier this year and I was using weight-loss supplements but I decided to not take any weight-loss while I’m TTC. Not that it would harm anything but it just didn’t sound right. Even though I was LOVING those supplements..its all good. I did lose weight to 150 the beginning of this month but i just feel this week totally messed me up and I don’t even want to get on the scale. I will though because I want to post my current weight and goal weight and time frame.

Oh and I am only 5’1
So my check-in weight is: 160LBS!!! Exactly (had to take a deep breath and get on..lol)
My pre-pregnancy goal is : (at least) 145lbs but more is always better
First goal date: 30 June 2011
My Ultimate Goal Weight is: 125lbs

So I will report my activities and healthy choices tomorrow.

Also I have come across some articles and such about US and obesity that i want to inform you all about that I totally didn’t know. So I probably post that tomorrow night or sometime this weekend.

God Bless… 🙂