What God May Be Trying to Teach You

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Strength in hardships.

My husband and I have been married for 8 years since this past January and I have been struggling to understand why it seems that we continue to go in a circle. I’ve prayed and asked God, “what is the deal?” (Yes, sometimes just like that cause I be having to keep it real with Him), “why are we going in circles?”. Asking this question a couple of things came to mind that He reminded me.

1. What did I ask Him for? Now, when He asked me this, I was like “weeell, i asked you for this, for that, to make me this, to make that, and so on”. “But Lord, I still don’t get it, what do all this {mess} have to do with all that I asked You for?” And thats where He left me…pondering…lol

Im just kidding… but in all seriousness, I was pondering, and seeking, and pondering, and seeking… and He lead me to different answers that I will uncover in seperate posts. But one of the answers He gave is, He asked me “how are you thinking?”, what are my thought patterns”. He revealed to me that our trials and tribulations are not always all about the physical but the mental. Sometimes we get caught up in looking for physical change that we don’t recognize the mental change He is trying to do.

Than He told me to …

2.Trust His process. He told me to study His promises again and don’t just go and read them but meditate on them. Such as His plans for good and not evil (Jeremiah 29:11), to give me an abundant life (Psalm 16:11), to give me a new heart (Exodus 36:26-27). He told me to learn His ways and character. That He is indeed a good Father. That His love for us is everlasting (Psalm 23:6), unexplainable, and pure. His love is unceasing. Because I realized God’s nature, then the enemy no longer has the power that I gave him in my life. I now understand (or is reminded) that regardless of our hardache and pain, God is unfailing, perfect, and His plans are bigger and better than mine. {Whether I understand or not}.

If I am still hurting or in pain than I am still unfinished and His work in me is not yet complete (Philippians 1:6), so I can celebrate for the victory that is soon to follow.

Than He challenged me to…

3. Submit to His process. To truly let go and let Him have His way. To lift my worries and burdens to Him. Exchange my fear for FAITH. I can be a control freak and God has been working on that with me for the last couple of years. BUT even so, it’s still a challenge. I will be the first to admit that I can {now} see that I’m often like a toddler throwing temper tantrums to God when I don’t get my way. I pray deeply for God to remove that from within my heart. He often have to carry or drag me kicking and screaming.

I use to not know what it meant to submit. But I’ve learned that the release of worry is apart of the process of submission. Our minds are programmed to think that if we’re not worrying then we don’t care anymore, which is a lie from the enemy. When we submit our worry to God, He replaces it with peace. If you don’t have peace then you have not let it go yet.

So what is God trying to teach YOU through your circumstances? In order to find out, than you have to “Be Still”! There is no getting around it… be still… be quiet… and let God have His way.

Please share your God moments below, I would love to read them and fill the atmosphere with His presence.

Many Blessings… India 🙂

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  1. Visiting from #WiseWomanLinkup.
    So often I find myself in the same situation. Why do we keep going round and round? Am I just not doing enough? I think it’s a continual process.

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