When Is It Ok to Leave Your Toddler(s) In the Car Alone

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DISCLAIMER: Now I know this title alone may make other moms and people in general say “well, why would a parent want to leave their child in the car?”. But please read on before judging me.

As a new mom and a mom that husband recently started back at work. I’ve been having to run ALL my errands with the children, which before I would take them to some places and leave them home with daddy to do MY errands.

We all have days when our errand list consist of a few quick in and outs. Whether its running in a building to drop off or make a payment on something, to pick up that one item you needed to bake those muffins, etc.

I recently found myself in a situation where I couldn’t decide whether or not it was ok to leave the children in the car for literally about no more than 4 min. I needed to run into the dollar tree and purchase 1 yes 1 thing that I knew exactly where it was.

I was not going to have the car off, I was going to leave the car on with the air the same as it was which was very low. I have a keyless starter so I was going to lock the car and take the keys. And I was parked DIRECTLY in front of the door. We had just got in the car because we were in the same shopping center but the idea of undoing them for one item so exhausting just thinking about it. It was going to take longer to take them out than to actually get the item I needed. But my 1 yr old was sleep and my 3 yr old was almost sleep but just chilling.

I sat there for literally about 20 min to decide whether or not I should do it. But I couldn’t decide if I was really uncomfortable OR if I was worried about other people saying something.

We have stayed in there car waiting for my husband plenty of times with NO CHANGES happening in the car. Meaning we have sat in the car often for about 30 min or so waiting for my husband to come from his job, run in the store, or another errand where I had very little to no problem interactions with them. I’ll be doing my thing upfront and they’ll be doing their thing (sleep, playing with a toy, talking to each other, or just listening to music).

YES! I know the dangers of kids being left in cars. But that’s when you lock children in an unheated/unaired, unlocked car for 15min to an hour while you go full blown shopping, an interview, or check out your man (all news stories I read).

Now, I did not do it because of my own discomfort and I’m aware that there’s also a time and place for everything.

So what are your thoughts about this subject? {No judgment zone}

So what’s your take on this? How do you feel about leaving your children in the car for very short periods?