Where’s Your Resting Place?

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Today was a busy day. The kids woke up early early (atleast for us anyway ) and my husband and I did not hear them wake up on the monitor. So instead of coming in the room to get us they decided to head downstairs… (so many horrid thoughts, I know).

That was a rude awakening. I hate rude awakenings because mornings are hard enough for me without them.

But alas.. we had a problem and I had to deal with it because my hubby had to go to work.

Well they were going ALLLLL day! Even nap time was NOT break time because they would not just take their naps.

I needed rest… emotionally, physically, and mentally. I felt like I wanted to pull my hair out. I was just exhausted. I needed rest that I was not getting in bed. 

So during (NON) naptime I decided to try and watch a good show, I figured “it’s been a while, maybe it will help me feel better”. But it didn’t. So then I resorted to youtube 😕. But nope that didn’t help. So I figured maybe I’ll just take a nap. But I couldn’t sleep. As I tried to snuffle out the sounds of toddlers not sleeping, my tiredness was causing me to start getting frustrated and the last thing I wanted to do was to go up and yell at them because I needed rest. 

Then the Holy Spirit nudged me and reminded me that the rest I needed was rest I could ONLY get from time spent with Jesus. So that’s what I did. I prayed to calm myself and went to talk to my kids, then decided to have a coffee date with Jesus. And indeed, it was absolutely what I needed. 

The take away…

So often we try to find our rest, energy, joy, and fulfillment in things of this world but NOTHING can ever or will ever replace the time we need with Jesus. He is the water we need to keep our roots dying. It’s so easy to get “busy” or just plain confused on what life is doing and get caught in the twilight zone but we have to snap our selves back to the source that makes our paths straight, our minds clear, and has our plans established. 

Jesus is indeed our resting place. Not tv, YouTube  (or any of the others), and not our cell phones

Don’t ignore when God is ushering you into solitude with Him. Embrace it and be refreshed!

Many Blessings… India

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