Why I Don’t Allow My Children to Play on Electronics

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No electronicsThe look I get when I tell people “my children aren’t allow to play with electronics”… I mean people look at me like I have four eyes, or a booger hanging, or I just said I seen an alien. It’s really actually comical {now}.

I have to admit it wasn’t and not an easy decision. Especially when your going against the grain. But even before I had children I didn’t like the idea of having small children dazed out in electronics.

The argument has been made that I‘m putting them behind because our world is moving by technology but I argue that when its time for them to use technology for some type of living believe me they will be able to adjust.

My Reasons for Saying No

When I decided to say no to my 2 yr old, it was because he was not adjusting well when it was time for it to end. The break downs were serious and we were trying to help him to not break down and at the time, he had just come into our house and had some anger issues that electronics didn’t help.

As new parents and being around other parents who let their children play with their cell phones, ipads, and etc it gets hard to “stick to your guns”. We started to feel like we were being too strict. But Tom and I had to reevaluate our reason for saying “no”. So here are some reasons that we noticed when we were trying electronics.


At 2 {now 3 yrs old} it is not a necessity for children to play with cell phones and/or pads. I understand it’s a great distraction when at the store, drs appt, etc. But you can put together “quiet” toys, such as books, puzzles, and/or action figures or something. I’m not sure yet what a good age would be for me yet but for now 3 is definitely not it.

Emotional Instability

As I thought about the tantrums that occurred from removing electronics from his paws. I said, “why are forcing this behavior?”. Electronics just caused too much emotional instability for him and caused him to lose self-control. Weighing the options electronics had to go.


Electronics cause disobedience. Have you ever asked your {2yr old} child to do something and he responds “wait mommy, I doing sonthing”. Oh yeah, that was corrected quick. Or if you called them 20x, only to go see what the problem is and he’s playing on your ipad. This definitely wasn’t an option. From experience, you can’t fully think and play on your phone. Winking smile

Teach Children to Not Have Patience

The idea that we want to give our children games or “educational devices” to keep them entertained while we “handle business” is bizarre. I want my boys {and other children to come} to learn patience and that not everything is fun or about them. Sometimes they just have to wait. Is this always easy for us (parents) “NO”! My son is at this why stage and when I say “you have to sit there and just wait”, his response “why mommy” and no matter what you say he still asks why. But at the end of the day, I want them to learn patience, so I push through.

At the end of the day, I want our children to be more physically active, I want them to play with physical toys, read books, draw, paint, etc. That is my GOAL. But again it’s not always easy. But its our choice.

So these are just some of the reason that we decided no electronics. I do not look down on other parents that choose other wise. To each their own. We are in no way perfect. Sometimes my husband slips up because of his cute face but he bounces back. We have an idea and direction for our boys, it’s not a straight line but we’re working it.

So now I can have {more} confidence when I tell people “oh no, my children don’t play with {most} electronics”.

PS. We’re still working on TV. Lol!