Yay! We Have Boys, Now What?!?!

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boysI would be lying if I said I was thrilled about the call {click here to read about it} that they had a placement for us and it was a sibling group of 2, NOT ONE BUT TWO boys! Yes I was thrilled about a sibling group and when I heard that it was 2, I thought for sure one was going to be a girl. And honestly even after my caseworker said 2 boys, I still had some hope that she got it wrong and it was actually 1 boy and 1 girl.

I mean I’ve always wanted a boy and a girl but I always dreamed we would have a girl first and it didn’t help that we had so many girly things already {even though we literally had 3 bags of boys infant clothes from my sister in law} the girl things were some dominating because of all the bright colors and cuteness…lol!

But having boys for about 4 months now, I really enjoy it. I love my booty bots! Their so fun to watch and makes us so happy. Their both so smart, sweet, and loving. And the sound of “mommy, daddy” sounding throughout the house is priceless. But I am still at a lost of what to do with boys!!! lol

My husband rough houses with the two year old {which he loves and I’m still trying to get use to, if I ever will} and I cuddle with the now one yr old {which we both love :)} but really besides rough housing and cuddling what do you do with them? And I’m talking activity wise…

I would like to do some crafts but I’m horrified at the idea of mess {hey don’t judge, my husband brought out the play dough the other day and I think I only had one panic attack}. He seems to small to make something “real” {this feels like this post is coming out all wrong but really don’t judge please, I’m not mean or anything}, it’s just that I have this idea {or nightmare} of having a bunch of “arts” and “crafts” hanging around from the kids that I don’t want to get rid of but can’t really be hung on the wall {then what!} piling up in the house.

So what do you do with them?

Maybe we’re doing enough but sometimes I feel like their just here. I mean besides the normal going to the park, playing in the snow, coloring, and things. Is there more?

I went on pinterest and got burnt out just pinning things to my boards that I would like to at some point hopefully in this lifetime do with them after I regain energy from saving 20 million “fun crafts to do with your 2yr old boys” {and might I add majority looked horrifying with goo, glue, and every other boyish thing I hadn’t thought about in like forever because I was so focused on my “princess” to come}.

So what are some things that you do with your boys? I’m sure I’m still practicing some kind of mind block to all thing boys but I feel the wall slowly crumbling down and with your help and ideas I’m sure it will eventually come tumbling or crashing or burning down.